Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gasp! I live!

Soooo, I sort of disappeared. For a little while at least. Started to date someone. Got all my stuff moved out of my apartment (it's amazing how much you accumulate over a few years) and current sitting in my parent's garage. Surprisingly, I've yet to take over the garage completely. There's more space than I've anticipated, and you can actually move about if you try hard enough. Pictures to come when I find my camera in the mess.

I've been saying that a lot. Anticipation. I anticipate a lot. Lately, I've expected one thing or another and what I get is something completely on the other side of the spectrum. Most of it has been good, some bad, but that's to be expected.

Dad's been....well he's been dad. No major catastrophes, no calls to 911, at least since December. Which is all a plus. I like pluses. I count the pluses and I just deal with everything else.

A friend of the family has just recently had a pancreas and kidney transplant. The kidney is doing okay, but the pancreas died. They're looking to try again with the pancreas, but they're opting to wait a little while and let him heal and recover from the surgeries. Dad was excited to hear that one of his best buddies was doing well and actually home from hospital. However, it took a bit to convince him that right now, it's not a good time to see him. He was disappointed, but eventually understood that his buddy needed to have an opportunity to rest, relax, and a chance to re-acclimate himself to home life.

Other than that, things have been relatively quiet on the home front and I have to say that I am completely okay with that.