Sunday, February 27, 2011

As time goes on....

So I keep forgetting about this, my bad really. Lots o' stuff has been going down! Good stuff though, except for the dishwasher dying which most people respond to that as 'why do you just wash them by hand?'. We are doing that right now, however dishes is my least favorite chore. And when I say least favorite, I mean I'd rather get a root canal with a rusty spork. So I'm trying to coral the siblings and do some money poolin' and getting mom a new dishwasher!

In other news, we've got paperwork so we can apply to have our bathroom redone to make it handicap accessible. We're also trying to get a lift chair for my dad as well as a few other amenities for him.

Speaking of him, dad has been driving us crazy with a capital K. Let me start off by saying this though. I understand that my father is used to being able to do a lot more, and it practically kills him because he simply can't do very much around the house at all. And I know that if he could, he'd change that. But the fact remains is that he can't.

That being said, Dad now has to be involve with every conversation. He tries to provide solutions, and often points out the obvious. (I have dubbed Capt. Obvious in my mind) When my niece spend the weekends with us, he tries to....over-parent her. Now my niece is a great kid. I mean really, she's great kid and if any of my future children turn out like her, I will not complain one bit. She's very well-behaved, an angel, you name it. ( I know it's a whole 'nother story when she's at home, she is very much an almost 10 year old.) When I tell her to go to bed, she goes to bed with absolutely no fuss. Having her over for the weekends is effortless. However my dad is often nitpicking at her (not in a bad way), telling her do things that she's in the process of doing already, or telling her to do things that are unnecessary. Or he's trying to baby her, when she's very capable of doing things.

But that's the tip of the proverbial ice berg.

I'm excited for next month, though. I have a mini vacation coming up and I will be out of town for a weekend (celebrating one year with boyfriend!!). I'm also waiting to hear about a job opportunity that will take me away from home for 7 months.


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