Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm back again!

I would like to take this time and talk about something awesome for the girls out there.


A couple of months ago, I ran across a beauty blog and in there they were talking about Birchbox, so the nosy nora in me said that we absolutely had to go check this out.

What is Birchbox anyway? Because I'm kind of lazy, I'm going to copy and paste directly from the website:

Birchbox delivers the best products and the best insider secrets, without any fuss. Every month Birchbox members will receive a curated box of luxe beauty samples. Each box will span beauty categories and deliver exciting products that fit into both your day-to-day routine, and into those days when you want to turn up the drama a notch.

It costs $10 a month. It's totally affordable, and you get some pretty awesome samples. Zoya nailpolish, Juice Beauty - Green Apple Peel, Stilla eyeshadow are among some of the awesome sample I've had the opportunity to try.


In other news, it appears that we've hit a plateau with my dad health wise. He does not appear to be getting any worse for the time being. Again, this is pretty common to plateau when it comes to Parkinson's. I hope this lasts for a long time. I am, however, scared shitless for when he will get worse. Taking care of him is hard now, I can't imagine what it will be like when it gets worse.

Also, MY BOSS IS LEAVING ): He got an offer in the same district, just further south. Same company, same job, just a better location. In addition, he and his wife are pregnant again!! So, super duper congrats to them, they more than deserve it.

Speaking of deserving things, I found out a piece of interesting news. But for the full effect, I will give you the back story.

In the months after my 20th birthday, I moved out of my parents home (to a terrible neighborhood I might add). Lots and lots of at home parties later, I met, let's call him "J". J was very charming, very charismatic, the whole nine yards. J apparently liked me. I found this out one night after letting J and another friend crash at my place, and I woke up to J's arm around me. After plenty of drama, and J more or less breaking into my apartment (I promise it's a little less creepy than that sounds), we began dating. I fell very hard for J, and to top it off, he was my first serious boyfriend. After about a year of dating, J cheated and lied to me and then broke up with me. J was a snake in disguise.

We attempted to get back together six months later, only to find that he was still very much the snake I thought he was. He still thought he had me under his thumb. I did, however, have the joy of officially cutting him out of my life during one emotional phone call. (The sound he made when I told him I was done is still my favorite sound to this day).

J and I unfortunately share quite a few friends, and we staffed for the same convention. So it was no surprise to hear about the various bullshit that J put people through. So during January of 2010, a friend of mine came up to me, completely unaware of my history with J, only knowing that we staffed the same convention, proceeds to tell me that someone who staffed this convention, was up to no good.

The no good part was child pornography, and the disturbing part was that J got caught downloading it.

Let it be clear that I feel bad for J's very Roman Catholic family. They are good people, and this, I'm sure is very embarrassing for them. I also feel bad for J's girlfriend, who as far as I am aware of, is still with him. I know that she's getting a lot flak for this and a lot of people are disagree with the choices that she's made in regards to this. While I don't agree with the choices she's made, I am also no longer in a relationship with J (actually, I have had absolutely no contact with him in a very long while), and really, the only person who can make that decsion is J's girlfriend.

J was convicted and is now currently serving an 11 year sentence in a federal prison. Once he is out, he will be on monitored release and required to register as a sex offender.

I do not feel sorry for J. He was the kind of person who did a lot of terrible things to people, but never really got what he deserved. Until now that is.

I once thought J was 'the one'. I dodged that bullet.

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